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A Lover Feareth Nothing
Roger's Park musical devotional assemblage
All We Can
ISGP Year 2 (Germany, 2014)
Anis, Ilen, Joelle, Matin & Shiva
Ich Ermahne Euch
Ruhi book 7 study circle, Germany
Lasst Eure Augen
Ruhi book 1 study circle, Vienna, Austria
Love is the Light
A group of friends at the BWC
Mache Mein Gebet
Ruhi camp, Munich, Germany
Mit Deiner Liebe Licht
Junior youth camp, Tulln, Austria
Rely Upon God
Sabria, Efe, Rafael & Maarten
Seid Sinnbilder
Teaching project, Munich, Germany
Thy Confirmations
Music Inspired by the Heroes Teaching Conference
With Hearts Set Aglow
Newport Youth Initiative Training 2015